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The Greek Caterers is a full function catering company and provide professional catering and wedding planning service to companies, individuals and food businesses. The cuisine is Mediterranean, and include traditional and modern Greek food, traditional and modern Cypriot food as well as a few South-African dishes. A combination of a glamourous, comforting, cosmopolitan and delicious cuisine. The Greek Caterers is famous for their delicious foods. Make entertainment easy with our delectable assortment of appetizers, Mezethes, salads, grilled meats, cocktail food, platters, meals, desserts, edible gifts and wedding cakes that are perfect for any occasion.

The Greek Caterers invite you to discover Greek cooking with its bold flavors and ample servings. The Greek culinary are unique and at times quite surprising but the emphasis is always on the freshness of the ingredients. Resulting in healthy mouth-watering food just waiting to indulge your taste buds. Greek Caterers provide only the highest quality food by using the freshest locally grown products available. Freshly prepared cooked and baked products ensure a real taste sensation to all our varied clients. By providing top-quality food, beautifully presented, at competitive prices, we pride ourselves on offering, to our many varied clients, excellent value for money.

The Greek Caterers believe in honesty, excellent service, cleanliness, punctuality integrity, respect for clients, guests and ourselves, striving always for the highest standard and quality product. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships by dealing personally with private and corporate clients. Food play a huge importance in any person’s life and every event. Just think about the last event you attended. Everyone are always taking about the food for weeks after the event. We are dedicated to listen to each client’s needs and provide them with food for their event that will be memorable. We invite you to go through our website to discover the Mediterranean diet, Greek and Cypriot food and make you more familiar with this exotic cuisine.

Cypriot and Greek cuisine are both Mediterranean cuisine and very diverse. Mediterranean cuisine is food from the cultures adjacent to the Mediterranean See. There are many common element in these country’s food. The Mediterranean diet is rich in vegetables, grains, fish, fruit and legumes. Cypriot cuisine is the cuisine of Cyprus. This beautiful island situated in the north- eastern corner of the blue Mediterranean See offer distinct dishes from Greek backgrounds with influences from the Middle Eastern, French, and Italian cuisines thus make it difficult to separate each cuisine. Olive oil is an essential ingredient in Greek cooking and is the primary source of fat. Greeks have been known to survive on olives, olive oil and bread during the hardest of times. But even today, the olive is a must and are considered the ideal accompaniment to certain dishes. To enhance the flavors of the various dishes, herbs and spices get carefully chosen and are mostly used fresh. Fresh ingredients play a huge part in this cuisine thus making it very healthy food. Based on recipes handed down through the generations hospitality is deeply ingrained in the Cyprus and Greek psyche.

Cypriot and Greek cuisine have many delicacies wrapped in fillo pastry. Fillo is tissue-thin pastry, super flaky and get used in Greek pastries and pies. These kind of pastries have become well known all over the world. Meze are small platters of food which can include cracked green olives with coriander seeds, grilled Haloumi (Cypriot) cheese and stuffed vine leaves (Called Koupepia in Cyprus and Dolmathes in Greece). Click to go to Meze Platters

Meat grilled over charcoal are known as Souvla named after the skewers on which they are prepared. Most commonly, Souvla are made from pork or chicken and sheftalia. Sheftalia is a grilled Cypriot sausage made of pork or lamb. Grilled Haloumi cheese, mushrooms and loukaniko (Pork sausages) are also prepared over the grill.Souvalakia is pieces of these grilled meat and get stuffed into pita bread with Tzatziki (Cucumber) Dip and chopped salad to make a complete meal. In the modern cuisine we offer beef and lamb cooked the same traditional way as the pork. Go to Platters or Meals to order your souvalakia

For desserts, Cypriots enjoy fresh fruit but also specialize in very sweet cakes and pastries. Honey and syrup are poured over or soaked in a lot of these traditional cakes. More of these superb desserts in the cake section.

South African cuisine is famous for its variety of ingredients, spices and colors – a rainbow cuisine. Delicacies like grilled game (Antelope and ostrich), boerewors, bobotie, spiced vegetable relish called chakalaka, milktart, samoosas (Indian savory pastry) and springrolls are well known dishes in South Africa available from Diamant Food Station SA t/a Greek Caterers.

Diamant Food Station SA decided to create a combination of the rich South African cuisine with traditional Greek and Cypriot cuisine. The result gave us mouthwatering signature dishes like our famous boerewors souvalaki with skordalia dip (Garlic dip) and chopped salad. Traditional South African cuisine delicacies are available if you prefer to stick with dishes that you are familiar with. To name a few dishes bobotie and rice, vetkoek filled with mince meat, milktart and koeksisters.


“We just want to thank you or a wonderful and fantastic wedding. Everything turned out the way we wanted it. I was so impressed with the efficiency, friendliness and professionalism. We just heard nice things from our guests about the delicious food and how pretty everything looked. I specially want to mention Robert for all his patience during the wedding. No mistakes! I didn’t have to worry about anything. The guests are still talking about the food. The spanakopites and tiropites were delicious, and the veggies unbelievable!!”

Angelique and Peter Diacou


“I want to personally thank you for all of your assistance in making my fiance’s birthday and my engagement proposal extra special. I thank your organization for working with me when finances got tough. It was a memorable occasion and your staff were very professional. Thank you so much.”